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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tues....wait....Wednesday Caption Contest

It's Tuesday again!!! Because it is my favorite day, we will run another caption contest. This will be the ninth installment of the Tuesday Caption Contest.

A quick review of the rules.

1. Entries must be posted by Saturday evening, 11:59pm.
2. Entries must be no longer than one sentence if it is a regular caption contest. If it is a mutated caption contest, then I am looking for no more than a thousand words, and poems of any form will get extra consideration.
3. I am the sole judge of who wins each week, but may give special recognition/prizes to unusual entries.
4. One entry per contest per person.
So without any further delay, the new photo is up top. Have fun and good luck.

And the winner is........

I had some really good submitters for last weeks photo (which may have been the best photo so far). It was hard to chose once again, but I must say that it came down to two. Melissa, with her entry "All to protect my nuts"; and J. Cosmo Newbery (check this guys sites out) who wrote "This ain't so bad! You should see the other guy!" (being a rugby true, how true!). But I must go with J. Cosmo (sorry Melissa, but keep playing you got good ones too!!). So J. Cosmo, leave an address in the comments along with three picks for music and I'll get one in the mail to you ASAP. And I know you are in Australia (I think you are anyway). That's cool, I like your rugby teams. Now off to post the new photo.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ode to the Schmuck

I am not sure how Satan entered,
into my life, which lay here splintered.
All I know is she now must go,
She has wreaked her havoc and laid me low.

And now she's gone whence she came from,
back into what horrid monster's bum?
There she can rot and deteriorate,
until once again she may emanate.

Crawling, oozing, free at last,
she may repeat her sins of the past.
Taking another man's soul on her plate,
her fiendish appetite she must sate.

I watch in horror so completely utter,
as she sucks his marrow, I give a shudder.
Had I known it would mean his life,
I'd have kept the succubus as my own wife.

Sorry, but you deserve her, Tory.