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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a few tidbits from my latest opium induced fantasy...

It has been a few weeks since I last posted and a lot of stuff is going on, but I am at a loss for any inspirational topics to blog about. My mom is doing okay, no back soreness or spasms. My drunk brother is, well...drunk. My perpetually young at heart brother is still trying to convince everyone around him that he is in no way approaching fifty. I still haven't gotten off my ass and completed any of the multitudes of projects I have started. My dog is still well, but his hips are quivering like a fat girl sitting on a running washing machine (no offense intended to anyone as I am one jellyroll away from 250 and 5'8"). Ahhhh, my sister. My sweet sister and her husband. My sweet sister and her husband and their two great teenagers. They all piled into the traveling vehicle and rampaged across Texas to get their sweet asses to Austin. There, older teenager competed in the state swim meet. He already set district records and excelled in regionals and was now trying his skill at state. They tanked. But not in a bad way. They (and I say they because he was there to compete with his school relay teams) were not sucky as in they had a chance to win and just flopped. No, they did their best and just got outshone by bigger, older, more prepared kids. My teenagers are swimmers too, and it would have been a great chance for them to support their cousins and see their auntie and uncle, but I was sick and my daughter was sick and my son had an art contest there in Houston. So a trip to Austin to see cousin swim was not in the cards. But this weekend I go to get them and bring them HOME for spring break. That has nothing to do with my sweet ass sister and her fam though. Anyway, said swimming cousin and his relay mates were ranked 15th in their first event and ended the meet guessed it, 15th place. They were ranked 14th in their second relay event and the finished there also. Whoever is ranking these high school swim teams has got one hell of a crystal ball in there pocket. Yo, high school swim ranker dude, can you give me a few stock tips??

For clarity, it must be noted that this was composed two weeks ago....before spring break. A follow up will be in the works tomorrow.