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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Last Long Walk Home....

....started for me in January of 2000. As I was going through the worst experience of my life (so far), I felt I needed a change of scenery. So, I packed my John Lee Hooker record collection and I went. One of many poor choices. I got to watch my dad wither away, from a city three hundred miles to far to the east. Now my mother is falling on bad health. So, I came home to help her maintain as high a quality of life as possible before she heads home to her Lord. To me, love is sacrificing your own desires to give to someone else. After all my parents did for me, the right thing to do is honor them by helping them back. So mix a drink, grab your smokes, put the leash on the dog and join us for.....the last long walk home. Let's enjoy it.

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