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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday Caption Contest (on Wednesday, no less)

Okay, folks. This will be the first of many weekly Caption Contests. Tune in every Tuesday (because Tuesday is my favorite day!!) for the latest installment. Winners will be awarded on Fridays and the "Prize o' da Week" will be sent out after that. All captions used will follow a monthly theme, and the first to guess that theme each month will win the "Prize o' da month". So with no further ado, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres the caption.


Bachelor Paul said...


Stu Pidasso said...

It has been almost a week and Bachelor Paul is winning because he is the only one to post anything, even if it was just "HELLO". I would like to post my own example. How about "Those peanuts in the commercial DOOOOO work!!"