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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looooooooong weekend

I spent the majority of my weekend on the road again. This time it was a trip to the revered halls of College Station. I got to see my kids in a swim meet for the first time. It was an all day affair, and the setting was spectacular. The student recreation center on the campus of Texas A&M is magnificant. The mass of kids representing all of the high schools there to compete was enormous. My kids, being a freshman and a sophmore, did well; but did not advance to any semi-final events. But they did get to see the campus and experience some of the local life during the day. We ate at one of the original Freebird's burrito shops (to die for). We got to see the original Dixie Chicken. They got to see the A&M alumni war memorial (apologies for not capitilizing that or spelling it wrong or even identifying it wrong as I am sure it has a very specific name). This place is in respect of all the alumni who have given their all for country. There is no walking on the grass and there is no wearing of hats inside the building, and the current corps members are more than eager to admonish anyone to stupid or careless to read and understand the signs. It was a good experience for my kids. If they are to chose T A&M for their higher education, I'll be glad to work my ass off to help them earn a degree from that fine establishment.

But the trip was long (7 hours one way trip) and tiresome. It was up at 6am and in bed at 11pm and go, go , go all the way. Then another two hours to Houston to drop them with the duck and schmuck, then nine hours back to home. All in all, I'd drive a million miles for my kids and I like to travel, but I do pay the price. Pictures and more news on that later.

Now, let's talk tomboys. As a rugger in this fine nation where girls and women have more opportunities than anywhere else in the world, I see a lot of womens' sports and especially rugby. Browsing some of the rucking womens' blog pages, I came across this post about being a tomboy. It seems that Nike has a new ad campaign out concerning the athletesism of women. It comes with a little poetic statement about one girl's knees and the effect it has on whether she will ever get married. It is posted below with my own response to any woman who may feel that way.

From a Flanker

My knees
are tomboys.
They get bruised and
cut everytime i play rugby.
I'm proud of them
and wear my dresses short.
My mother worries
I will never marry
with knees like that.
But i know
there's someone out there
who will say to me:
I love you
and I love your knees.
I want the four of us
to grow old together

Just do it.

If the choice were mine to make,
a tomboy o'er a princess I'd take.
Give me scrapes, cuts and a bruise,
A hard nosed woman I would chose.
Simply for the respect of it,
I'd know she wouldn't take any shit.
A short skirt and a shiner to
anything less just wouldn't do.
Tell your mother "Have no fear.
I've found a hooker to bring me beer.
No. No, mom; not that kind of hooker.
He's a rugger and a damn good looker!!
He's content to sit and watch,
as I make the other team my bi-otch!!
Baby, I beg "Don't quit, please!!"
Because I love you and I love your knees!!
So let's to the pitch no matter the weather,
just say you'll grow old with me, together.

Just do it!!


Diane said...

LOVE your poetic response!!!!!

Glad you had a good weekend. I do the swim team thing, too (coaching as well as screaming for my kid on the sidelines).

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good response. All that travelling's tough though.

BTW: The concept of a burrito that is good enough to die for is beyond my grasp!

Janie said...

I LOVE that! (Being a kind of tomboy myself.)

Nothing better than a guy who is not intimidated by his woman's strength and sportswomanship!

It's a long way back from Houston, dude. I feel your pain - but all those trips to see your munchkins will be worth it.

Thanks for commenting on my divorce post.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fun trip.