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Friday, December 5, 2008

One of the latest commenters I've come across is a fine fellow with the wit for words, Mr. J. Cosmo Newbery. He and I traded blurbs about an eatery that is known around parts of Texas as Freebirds. It is a burrito shop that is just wonderful. They offer great food, great prices and a great environment. They have locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth (and maybe more); but originated in College Station (home of Texas A&M University). He could not understand my deep devotion to their wares, as I stated that I would actually die for one (I wouldn't, but don't tell them that). So, for Mr. Newbery; I offer my own creation attesting to their grandeur. I hope it pleases.

Freebird!! Freebird!!
from College Station you did spring
expanding ever outward
'tis my palate you make sing.
first taste that doth tickle which
with what type of tortilla fare
flour, wheat, or spinach
(of the cayenne please beware)
loaded with the diner's choice
steak or chicken if you please
the white or dark meat oh so moist
or combination with loads of cheese
On to the fillers down the line
rice and beans, mighty fine
four different sauces could be mine
all for the price of 6.99
wait there's more lend an ear
four different sizes can be had
wash it down with choice of beer
the pair will leave you feeling glad
A half bird or a full is all
that i can handle personally
the double or the monster, gawl!!
those would force me to one knee.
And after my hunger I do sate,
entertain myself with poor man's art
shiny silver wrapping left on my plate
mash and twist it or tear it apart.
fold it and add to it another
piece of that foil to complete
a shiny sculpture like no other
my own creation, very neat.
Having migrated home back west
with your absence I want to cry
of all the burrito shops you are best
for yours alone I would die.


angie said...

Those must be some burritos!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Little Donkey

The reasons are many I drink wine for,
And there are women I would gladly recline for,
But when I die, the reason wont be a
Meal wrapped in a tortilla;
At best, a burrito is something to dine for.

Melissa said...

whats up with your "caption contests"??? One of my favorites.... where you been, stewey??

Vana Lea said...

J, my dad is so right. Freebirds is to DIE for. Especially the quesadillas. :]

Stu Pidasso said...

Angie - think of them as the filet mignon of burritos.

JCN - My what an awesome limerick Thakfully I am not so thick
as to mistake your feelings for women and wine
holding nothing else to be more fine,
still a scrumptuous Full Bird would be my pick.

Your cd is in the mail. I hope you like Willie Nelson.......and just to hedge my bets I picked his collaboration with Wynton Marsalis (with his jazz band as back up). When my fifteen year old rap addicted son even liked it, I was pretty sure I had a winner.

Melissa - Yes I am waaaaaay behind. I just got the last two cds mailed off to the last two winners and I'll post about that tonight. As for my whereabouts, I have been doing the holiday shuffle complete with turkey cranberry and truffle.

Vana Lea - Doesn't your mother monitor your internet usage to keep you off questionable sites like mine??? PS I love you.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The cd turned up yesterday - thank you very much (and a small 'dips me lid' to the US postal service at Xmas). Have listened through once so far - very smooth.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I hope you have a very merry Christmas, that Santa brings you everything you deserve and that it doesn’t take too long to work off the effects of Christmas dinner.

Thank you for being part of what has been a fascinating year for me.

Janie said...

Hey, Stu - I've been missing you!!

Is everything ok?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, can I have mine vegetarian?

Stu Pidasso said...

Sorry for the prolonged absence.

JCN - thanks for the wishes and back atcha. Glad you like the cd.

Janie - sorry, still drunk from the last depression bout

FrankandMary- yes, vegetarian is an option. They are very hep with it at Freebirds, GO GREEN!!