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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mutated Caption Contest

That's right kids; Tuesday IS my favorite day. That means Caption Contest time (and the crowd goes wild). This week I am going to try something different. The photo for the contest is from my personal collection. I took this during a road trip in the northern extremity of Texas. My son and I took my mother to the north. We were going to see my sister, but she and my favorite brother-in-law had high-tailed it to Mexico for the week. We found her teenagers hanging out at the house SOLO!! No big dealio though, they are smart good kids who seem to keep their noses clean. The Son had a blast with the cousins, I got some writing done and some photos taken, while Mom got to relax and spend time with the grandkids. Those two cousins were a good influence on The Son, he learned the inner workings of a potato cannon and a hover craft. He is now in full blown engineer mode, downloading stuff to build exciting new toys.

Instead of a caption, per se, I want all entries to be your own written thoughts on this particular photo. I will post mine next Monday and I will award a prize to the author I deem to have the best submission. They say a picture is worth a lot of words, so let's see what some of those words are. Good Luck and enjoy your time composing.


Mrs.D said...

Thanks for the comment! I'll have to think about the caption thing. Hmmm......

lifegoesbyfast said...

My first thought was did someone die at PHS swimming? Thus the wreath? Hmmmm, no swimming lessons there for me.

My second thought was maybe they don't want you to sit around (no bottom in the chair) because that will cause you to either be fat (like the mask) or need the wreath.

However, that swimmer seems to be pretty bent out of shape so I think I would just pass on by. LOL!

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