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Monday, November 3, 2008

Dreamin' of Eden

Sitting in this train's lounge car
blurs of green and purple streaking by
sun setting slow but bright
puts a squinting in my eye
all this gorgeous Texas scenery
filled with trees and brush and green
long stretches of flat pasture land
with wild brushline in between
a head of cow here and there
a game feeder or a blind
barbed wire fences and old windmills
along dirt roads that cease to wind
through the peaceful countryside
where nature grows unkempt and randomly
where God still walks in his own garden
unspoiled by sons of Adam and Eve
there are no toll booths or HOV lanes
no IHOP, Starbucks or Wal-mart
no ATMs or gasoline stations
to help tear this Eden apart
gone are all the SUVs
the roaring of the traffic
the smog and all those damn cell phones
the ugly city scenes so graphic
all that is out here to do
are the things God meant to be
the most relaxing and invigorating
no charge, untaxed and free
like long walks down misty country lanes
or climbing old gnarly trees
or taking naps on shaded swing
cooled by a gentle breeze
snuggling up next to a friend
after supper on a summer night
listening to the forest serenade
watching dusk morph to twilight
or catching sight while stargazing
of the occasional shooting star
wishing for true love to come
and find you where you are
so pack my things and sell my house
and move me out of that city
'cause if I waste another precious year here
it would be a crime not just a pity

I wrote this on the Amtrak, between Fort Worth and Austin back in 2005. I had been taking the train back and forth trying to secure an apartment in Austin so I could live. The four hour trip was nice, especially for eighteen dollars each way. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting some travel.

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