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Friday, January 9, 2009

I still love rugby!!!

So I rail on and on about my love for this silly sport, but it has it's drawbacks too. Part of the reason that I have been MIA for the last month is due to an injury suffered on the rugby field. December 6th in Dallas, we played against the Dallas Athletic Rugby Club Knights and they handed us a pretty lopsided ass whooping. I mean it was a "drag us to the woodshed and switch us raw" whooping. 53 to 6 was the end score, although I didn't finish the game. We traveled light and had a team of players that was not our best fifteen on the field, but we showed up to play and play we did. Over half way through the game, the Knights physicality took it's toll on our numbers and I got rotated into the tighthead prop position. The tight-what???? I hear you cry. Tight head prop, usually your heaviest and one of your strongest players on the field. He is meant to be one of the work horses, and is expected to do a lot of rucking, mauling and tackling (as well as some smash mouth running). I have never played this position and got the call by default, and I payed for it dearly. I got pushed up in a scrum and my head got bent so far down that my chin rubbed against my spine. As I am there trapped in this sweating, stinking mass of manbeasts licking my own spinal cord, something had to give way. My neck popped. When I say it popped, I mean it sounded like a bone snapping. It got my attention immediately and as the scrum disengaged I knew that it was off the field for me.

Well, it has been a little over a month, three doctor visits, four prescriptions of muscle relaxers and pain medications and I can just now start turning my head from side to side. Neck injuries suck and I am seriously contemplating giving the game up for good; but alas, they do not call me Uncle Stupid for just any reason. I am anxiously awaiting my return to game fitness so I can deal out some severe payback to those vaginas in blue from the DFW area. It may have to wait until next season, but if I am lucky I will get to step on their heads (you pick which one) this season. ETD (estimated time of DESTRUCTION) is February 21st. Wish me luck I am gonna need it.


Diane said...

OK... OUCH. I know a few rugby players in England and they're as stupid... ummm... I mean, they're as dedicated as you. I think you're all nucking futs. Things you love aren't supposed to hurt you! I learned that the hard way (and not via rugby either!).

Anyway, if you MUST play, try to be careful, will you? I missed you the last month. Don't make me do it again. Damn it.

Stu Pidasso said...

I had every intention of this happening to someone else (if it was to be), not me. I will try not to disappoint you again, Diane. But I just love to ruck, it's in my blood.

Laura Jayne said...

When you have to play, you must, for as long as you are able. Sports is in the blood... I wish you a speedy recovery and am glad you will be back on the field soon... just do be careful... HA, like that is possible in your chosen sport!

angie said...

Oh no. Not having the full use of your neck has probably been really tough! :) Hope it's feeling normal soon.