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Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Assignment

For this weeks assignment I am going to combine two of the prompts as they fit right together. My dog, Brutus, was actually my first bloggy friend. I remember it well. I was just starting my blog and put my settings together (with lots of green because I like green, not green as in money - but I like that too - but green as in nature, because nature just amazes me) and posted my first entry. The next day I came back and was shocked to find that I already had a comment. Cool!! So I clicked on in and read the first comment on my blog. It read like this:

Commenter: "Woof woof woof woof woof. Aroooooooo, woof"

Shroomzilla: "Well, that is sweet of you Brutus. I like the green, I think it looks good too!"

Commenter: "Woof woof woof woof."

Shroomzilla: "Yes, I am new at this. How am I doing?"

Commenter: "Woof arf arf arf, meow."

Shroomzilla: "Thanks and no, I will not post those kind of pictures and I don't care that you have a thing for cats."

Commenter: "Woof woof woof, pant pant pant, woof woof bark bark aroooooo."

Shroomzilla: "Yeah. I guess poodles are okay. What does that have to do with this blog?"

Commenter: "Bark bark bark, woof woof, arf arf , aroooooooo, meow."

Shroomzilla: "Wow. I didn't know that about poodles!?!? And when did you start watching Ellen?
Commenter: "Woof arooooo arooooo arooooo, bark bark bark. Yip yip yip, meow."

Shroomzilla: "Now I just don't believe that. Why would Ellen have a show on poodles and cats that love big strong dogs? And when did you learn to speak Cat anyway??"

Commenter: "Woof woof woof, arf arf arf bark bark meow yip yip yip. Pant pant."

Shroomzilla: "I don't care if you get bored easily!! Part of the reason we keep you around and feed you is so you will protect the house. If you are at the college, how are you doing your job??"

Commenter: "Woof woof woof bark bark yip bark woof."

Shroomzilla: "I really don't think that the squirrels are the same thing. How many scary squirrels have you ever met?"

Commenter: "Bark bark arooooo woof woof woof."

Shroomzilla: "I don't care if they go nuts on a stalkers nuts, you leave your post again and I'll have a bone to pick with you!! Now get off the computer and get back to your job, dog!!"

Brutus is my man!! He is my dog and my best friend. Not like a human best friend with whom you fight over something and then make fun of after you are victorious, but as in "man's best friend". He always is happy to see me. He can't wait until I get home and has trained his inner alarm clock to my schedule. He waits anxiously at the front window for my return in the afternoon. He wags his tail like a ninja swinging his katana; not side to side, but in every direction thinkable. And he is forgiving. When I first got Brutus from a rugby teammate back in 1998, he was a little more than a year old. He was shacked up in a house with five guys, four other dogs, an iguana, a calf and two baby alligators. It took two full years for him to get over his cowering fear complex, and he still is timid when confronted by a loud or aggressive personality. But he is soooo lovable. He thinks he is a lap dog and is not shy about pushing your hands to let you know that you should be petting him.


Diane said...

He's sort of like you... all gruff on the outside and all squishy on the inside!

Funny, then sweet, post.

My boy is my best friend, too (but don't tell Mel, she'll get jealous).

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Three cheers for the dogger blogger!

Stu Pidasso said...

Thanks for the "rahs", JCN.

Diane, I got alot of head clearing time while going for runs with Brutus during my divorce. He is surprisingly empathetic. I can read a lot of his body language and he can read me pretty well too. I rue the day that I will be burying him. He is one of my family and kept my dad company in the last five years of his life while I was working in Fort Worth and coming back and forth to stay with my dad on the weekends. Now my mom won't let him go and there is no way I will take him from her either........but he is my dog and I missed him so much. I just hope I can get a litter of puppies from him before he goes. Damn good dog.

SSP said...

love your doggy! When my sister married her husband, he had a pit bull named Brutus...They politically incorrectly nicknamed him Brutus the baby killer, although he never even snarled at anyone and he too thought he was a lap dog!! I don't think he ever commented on a blog, but he would growl ferociously when you spelled C-A-T....

Vana Lea said...

Ha Brutus! Is the pink nail polish still on him Dad? He's such a pansy.

Stu Pidasso said...

I dog that can spell (as oposed to one who leaves comment love)is just hilarious. Our Brutus goes nuts on cats and squirrels.

And yes Vana, his nail polish is still there and drawing lots of comments.