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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The name is Zilla....Shroomzilla

The words, they swirl, they flow,
nimble fingers dosey-doh,
typing frantic by alarm clock glow,
until my work is done, you know.
now time to greet my soft pillow,
and off to work again I go,
to try to earn my weekly dough,
eagerly waiting the whistle blow,
like every other working Joe.
but such is life, ain't it bro?
can I get a big "FO' SHO' "?

This may come as a surprise, but I'd walk a mile for a new nickname.

While living in Fort Worth, I was feeding my secret rugby addiction in the evenings after work. I would go to the northwest side of downtown Fort Worth (the seedy side, where all the rugby players loiter between Scrabble games and Ellen airings) and engage in lots of anonymous, unprotected touch rugby. I was becoming a regular there and all the other addicts were getting used to me being around. After one particular evening of some really hot, wet touch rugby, I was taking the post-practice recovery pretty hard. We played at a park that was kind of ignored by the parks department, because they were scared of the types of people who frequented the area (ruggers' reputations precede them many places, being the vicious scrabble players and dancers that they are), consequently the grass was unkempt and quite long. After my customary "blowing chunks" display, I laid down (collapsed?) beneath the massive oak tree on the side of the field and tried to catch my breath (while picturing myself dancing with Ellen and Mama Kat on their award winning episode, "Blogging ideas for keeping lunatics entertained). All the rest of the "recovering" rugby addicts, were discussing which bar we were going to grace with our support group meeting. They wanted to, finally, invite me along for the meeting. It was a huge break through for me, as I was at last being accepted by my peers. So, there they were looking for me, as I lay under the oak tree in the long grass; and I could hear one of the guys (Fuen-dog) ask, "Where is that new guy?". To which another answered, "Maybe he is behind the trunk of that tree over there by that giant mushroom"?! That giant mushroom was all you could see of me and my belly over the top of the tall grass.

And that's how I got the nickname "Shroom".

This writer's workshop production has been brought to you by the letter "O", and the numbers four, two and zero!

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Michelle said...

Oh, you never should have told us that, because now you are going to be known as the shroom blogger dude. LOL!

So what I want to know is if you could have a new nickname what would it be? :)

Melissa said...

Great story.... I thought it was going to have to do with eating mushrooms (and the craziness that comes after that--- but, I certainly wouldn't know about that :))

Diane said...

LOL... well done!! I'll forever call you Stu, though. Until, that is, I come up with a nickname of my own for you...

angie said...

You have a knack for producing some ditties. Thoroughly enjoyed, for a new nickname.....:)

Melissa said...

BTW- I got my CD today!! Thanks, I can't wait to listen to it!! And I'm trying real hard to think of a good caption for your newest picture!!

Momma Trish said...

Oh, that's funny! I'm with you; I'd want a new nickname too.

Weeksie50 said...

I love the way you tell a story..
you have a fun way of weaving the words together..

Sometimes Sophia said...

Vastly amusing... I'll have to come by more often to check things out, 'Shroom. That old dude with the ikat underwear made me laugh.

Alternative nicknames? Crimini, 'cini (pronouced cheenee, as in Porcini), Morel (perhaps too close to moron), and Shiitake (pronounced shit-ache, the way you feel after a game???)

Becky said...

Very funny and so cleverly written. I love the nickname. LOL.

Gwen said...

Great post!! Loved the read and enjoy the nickname. :)

Stu Pidasso said...

Thank you ladies (and gents), and I will run a special Tuesday Caption Contest just for you all to have a chance to come up with your best nickname for me. Come back Tuesday and give me your best moniker. I am soooo curious to see what you come up with. Now the perfect (most embarassing??) picture to convey who I think am to many......maybe a collage.......hmmmmm??

jenn3 said...

Haha. Great post. Very entertaining. Love the nickname. I don't have any interesting ones.

Janie said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog (and giving me support!)!!

Janie said...

BTW, I'm blogrolling you!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Hilarious. Love me some touch rugby...and I think Shrooms is a perfectly legitimate and classy nickname. I may start calling you that.

Melissa said...

I left you something at my blog, because "i love your blog"...go check it out :)

(and I promise I'mnot trying to bribe you into winning the caption contest...he-he)