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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Caption Contest

Today, Tuesday is even more of my favorite than most.
I hear your plea.
Because nobody, AND I MEAN NOBODY, entered last Tuesdays Caption Contest.
I am at a loss. Really, I never thought that I would find so many people out there on the internet that didn't want to at least TRY to get free music. All you have to do is post a comment, funny or not, to have a chance at winning some great audible swag. So far I have run five, count them, FIVE contests and have only had two winners.
But I will not be discouraged!!
I am adamant in my pursuit of giving away some of the newest releases from YOUR favorite music groups!! I will not rest until I have personnally given each and every one of you a brand new CD!! Think of me as the al-Qaida of Santa Clauses!! I don't care if I have to hide in your bushes and slip it through the mail slot on your front door!! If I have to break your car window at the mall and hide them under your car seats, then I will deliver those new CDs to you!! If I have to surprise you in the park during your daily run and force you to take these CDs at gun point, so be it!! Please, please don't make me get violent in my quest to give away good tunes!!
So how does this make today my more favorite Tuesday than most Tuesdays??
Because I won and am treating myself to........drumroll please.........Gift of Screws by Lindsey Buckingham!!
Now, it is not that I don't like the latest and gretest of all the music being produced these days, but I want to give it away. I know, I know; he is crazy. Yeah, maybe so; but at least I am having fun doing it.
So help me out if you will. Email five friends, any five; hell they can even be your enemies if you would like. Just email them and tell them there is free music here.

Now for todays contest. You know the drill (or maybe you don't), post your best zinger for the photo above in the comments section, think of three CDs you would love to get for FREE, and then hope or pray that I pick your zinger as the winner. Or better yet, don't; because I am really enjoying Mr. Buckingham's latest release right now!!

See you over at Mama Kat's!!


rachael said...

i am awful with catchy titles, zingers or anything of the sort so i got nothing for you. but figured i would at least comment :)

Stu Pidasso said...

showing up is half the work. So as a hesitant rookie, I'll give you credit for that (or as in the movie Rat Race, "He is winning the race at the moment because he is closest to the door!"). Think about it and come back later if you like.

My example caption is: "There was no way in hell, Vice President Cheney was losing the Senate Swimsuit Contest this year, he told himself."

angie said...

How about "made for shades". I'm a little embarrassed here. But at least He's not.

I'm so glad you stopped by!

angie said...

P.S. YOu should add this post to my Mr. Linky today. Meets the criteria.....but then again, it might decrease my odds of winning if others come to visit........:) I still think you should do it.

Jori-O said...

Hey thanks for stoppin by--I loved your music suggestion (I do love me some Sting). As for a caption (which I am NOT good at), the first thing that popped into my head was Gettin' Jiggy With It. Because he obviously is. ;)

Drama Mama said...

I'll try it next Tuesday! Gald u let me know about it...thanks for the comment!

Melissa said...

"Do a little dance...make a little love...get down tonight!!!"

I'v e already got some CD ideas in my head too...."in case" I win it!! :)